Vernon man tried to burn booze-soaked woman

VERNON, Conn. (WTNH) — A Manchester man is facing charges after police say he doused a woman with the liqueur, amaretto and  tried to light her on fire..

It happened in Vernon. Police say he did it front of children, who were splashed with the alcohol too.

His name is Ramon Gomez and there are those that say they want to make it clear, this story had two sides.

“He doesn’t have a bad bone in his body. He’s a good man, a good worker, he’s a good dad,” said Juan Vasquez, his nephew.

Outside of Rockville Superior Court family members of a man accused of trying to harm a woman early Friday morning are angry that he has to face to judge.

“I think his fiancé or girlfriend couldn’t handle that he had a different relationship and couldn’t move on with that,” said Vasquez.

That man is 32 year old Ramon Gomez. He’s charged with risk of injury to a child, breach of peace, reckless endangerment, and criminal attempt assault following an altercation with his girlfriend.

According to police it was during that altercation that Gomez took a bottle of Amaretto liquor and then splashed it all over his girlfriend. He then tried to light her on fire.

Police say he tried to use a disposable lighter and in Court documents it also says that Gomez had also “pushed” the alleged victim to the ground.

As for the alcohol, police tells News 8 some of that also got on their young children who were forced to whiteness the entire altercation.

“They fight, you know they’re a couple I mean it happens,” said Vasquez.

In the courtroom Gomez’s attorney argued that his bond should be set at $25,000, but that request was denied.

“I will set the recommendation $100,000 cash assured,” said the judge.

A case of domestic violence where some argue more than one party is to blame.

“I’ve seen her tackle him in my house on to my bed. I mean going crazy, a lot of weird stuff. But I’m not here to talk bad about his baby’s mother either. She’s a good mother,” said Vasquez.

News 8 went to the home of the alleged victim to get her side of the story.

No one came to the door.

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