Voice of the People: March, 21, 2014

WTNH– Charla Nash the woman brutally attacked by a pet chimpanzee is making a plea to sue the state. Plus, a lot of you still fired up about a 7-11 employee getting fired for giving a free cup of coffee to a homeless person. Here’s tonight’s voice of the people.

“What happened to her was just horrific and certainly I think she deserves some compensation but she can’t put the state broke or the city of Stamford broke,” said Gary, New Haven.

“I do not feel the Nash woman should be able to sue the state. She went to her friend’s home on her own and she knew the woman had the animal and she went there.  So why should the state have to pay? Why should our tax dollars have to be spent that way. I do feel bad for her but no I don’t think so,” said Diane, Wallingford.

“She may have a legitimate case if she didn’t know that the friend had this chimp in advance but she was very much aware that this animal was residing at this residence. It’s unfortunate that this happened but I don’t think that she should sue the state,” said Gloria, New Haven.

“I think it so ridiculous about that coffee. Okay? She didn’t do nothing wrong, she should not be fired for giving a homeless man a cup of coffee okay?” said Teresa, New Haven.

“That was very nice of her to do however it wasn’t her coffee, it came from her house or if she paid for it. She was only employee there and she was giving away something that wasn’t hers and that’s not right,” said Walter, Naugatuck.

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