Four years later, bridge still out in Old Mystic

OLD MYSTIC, Conn. (WTNH) — Four years ago, a small brook here actually rose up high enough that it was higher than some jersey barriers now on the bridge.

The rain flooded the whole neighborhood and knocked out a bridge, which is still out.

The scenes from that day in late March 2010 show the volume of water which took over the Old Mystic neighborhood. The bridge shows the devastation left behind.

“We got a bridge, it may as well be functional, right?” said North Stonington resident Frank Diener. “So, it’s been a while. It’s been too long.”

For many an inconvenience, for Old Mystic’s fire department a safety concern. A rescue pumper now has to force its way through a busy intersection and because it’s so long it has to swing over the center line to make the turn.

“When there’s cars parked on the side of the store we have to inch our way out into the intersection and the cars tend to run the stop sign coming from Groton so it’s a major safety hazard for us,” said fire chief Kenneth Richards.

And when work was being done at that intersction, the fire truck had to turn around.

“It added two and a half miles to get back to the same intersection, which was about a four and a half minute delay in response time,” Richards said.

Construction on the bridge being paid for by Stonington and Groton hit a road block when the construction company hired to fix it didn’t think it could do the work for the estimated $100,000. But the chief says Groton is now working to fix that delay.

“The Town Council agreed two weeks ago,” Richards said. “They gave the town attorney the approval to settle the suit and they’re going to get going on this and that’s good news for us.”

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