Interns want credit for Doritos taco

(WTNH) – A group of former advertising interns are claiming that the Doritos Locos Taco from Taco Bell was their idea. They even have a photo they say was taken nearly 20 years ago, showing the former interns hold an mock-up ad for the Doritos Taco. They say they came up with the idea for a 1995 competition.

taco2 300x168 Interns want credit for Doritos taco

The former interns even claim their idea used the flavors Cool Ranch and Nacho Cheese, the same two flavors you can buy in taco form at Taco Bell today. The interns say they have no plans to sue, they just want some credit.  GMCT’s Ali Reed and Teresa Dufour discuss the controversy and whether the interns deserve the credit.

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