Today’s Forecast

Friday Overnight Forecast Update from Meteorologist Justin Goldstein


Overnight:  Clouds gather overnight.  Low:  58-61.

Tomorrow:  Lots of clouds, and cool, with showers in the afternoon and early evening.  High:  73-74.  Once rain arrives:  Temperatures in the mid 60s.

Sunday:  Plenty of sunshine, warmer and low humidity.  High:  82-85.

Monday:  A warm blend of clouds and sun, turning a bit more humid.  High:  82-87.

Tuesday:  More clouds than sun, with afternoon and evening thundershowers.  High:  80-85.

Wednesday:  Some sun, but a generous amount of clouds.  High:  78-83.

Thursday:  A seasonable blend of clouds and sun.  High:  78-83.

Next Friday:  Fair and comfortable.  High:  79-85.

Next Saturday:  Increasing clouds and more humid.  High:  78-83.