Today’s Forecast

Monday Evening Forecast Update from Meteorologist Justin Goldstein


Tonight:  Clouds will thin overnight, with areas of patchy fog forming.  Low:  59-62.

Tomorrow:  Early sun, fading behind increasing afternoon and evening clouds.  High:  77-80.

Wednesday:  Humid, with clouds and showers in the morning, with some hazy midday breaks, before more showers and thundershowers arrive in the afternoon and evening.  High:  78-82.

Thursday:  Dry to start the day, but scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening close the day.  High:  77-80.

Friday:  Not a whole lot of sun, but warm and a touch muggy.  High:  78-82.

Independence Day:  A warm blend of clouds and sun.  High:  80-85.

Sunday:  Continued seasonably warm with mixed sun and clouds.  High:  82-85.

Next Monday:  More clouds, with scattered showers and thundershowers.  High:  80-82.

Next Tuesday:  Scattered afternoon showers and thunder.  High:  80-82.