Today’s Forecast

I saw actual temperatures in the upper 20’s, this morning, with the overnight low in the upper 20’s for some. A freeze warning overnight has since been discontinued and now  weather stories include: Low from west to east brings showers tomorrow, Massive low developing in the Mid-Atlantic will move northward and while initial models  didn’t bring in as far westward, I’m seeing a push and then a shift in the winds out of the NE. This is one to watch because even though temps are above freezing, it’s all about how fast the cold air funnels in. Remember November 2012? All that cold air came in and set itself up at the surface. I don’t see this being the case, but there’s a lot of cold air advection. Rain totals through Thursday could make it to 2.5″ especially if the system turns NW.

Anyhow this will be an unsettled weather week, and it looks like the weekend brings us much better conditions. keeping the threat of thunder on Tuesday and possibly Wednesday-Thursday time frame. Leaving weekend with a mix of sun and clouds for now.

Meteorologist Erika Martin

Tonight: Cloudy with a shower, especially after midnight. Temps moderate some by sunrise. Lows in the 40s.

Tuesday:  Clouds and sun with a few passing showers. Highs near 65.

Wednesday:  Mostly cloudy with scattered showers, especially late. Highs around 60.

Thursday:  Cloudy and rainy with highs near 60. Windy too!

Friday:  More sunshine comes back with a leftover shower possible. Mostly dry though with highs in the low 60s.

Saturday:  Mix of sun & clouds.  Highs near 64.

Sunday:  Mostly sunny with highs near 65.

Next Monday: Wall to wall sunshine with highs in the mid 60s.