Today’s Forecast

Sunday Evening Forecast Update from Meteorologist Justin Goldstein


Tonight:  Snow, locally heavy at times; especially on the shoreline.  Snow begins to wind down after midnight from west to east.  3-6” totals statewide, with 4-7” on the US1/I-95 corridor.  Low:  25-28.


Tomorrow:  Early morning clouds, giving way to sunshine.  There will be melting, and be careful of ice forming in the evening.  High:  34-37.


Tuesday:  Early hazy sun fades behind clouds, with snow developing mid to late afternoon.  High:  25-28.


Wednesday:  An early wintry mix, going to primarily all rain.  There can be flooding concerns, as in addition to heavy rain, creeks and rivers are frozen, and storm drains are blocked.  We’ll watch this.  High:  38.


Thursday:  Turning colder, with scattered snow showers possible.  High:  25.


Friday:  Lots of sun, but continued cold.  High:  25-28.


Saturday:  Sun and clouds; not as cold.  High:  35.


Next Sunday:  Mixed skies with clouds and sun; cool.  High:  37-40.


Next Monday:  More clouds than sun; with closer to seasonable temperatures.  High:  37-40.