Today’s Forecast

Sunday Evening Forecast Update from Meteorologist Justin Goldstein


Tonight:  Scattered showers and thunderstorms this evening and tonight; some can be severe.  Localized street flooding the biggest threat; very muggy.  Low:  69-72.


Tomorrow:  Hazy, very warm and tropical.  Scattered showers and thunderstorms with downpours and localized street flooding possible.  High:  83-86.


Tuesday:  Sun and clouds, hot and humid, with afternoon gusty thunderstorms possible.  High:  85-90.


Wednesday:  A mix of clouds and sun, still warm, but not as humid.  High:  85.


Thursday:  Lots of sunshine, with warm temperatures.  High:  82-85.


Friday:  Hazy and warm, turning more humid.  High:  83-85.


Saturday:  Hazy sun and clouds, very humid, with afternoon thunderstorms.  High:  82.


Next Sunday:  Early clouds breaking for a brightening sky, turning cooler and less humid.  High:  75-78.


Next Monday:  Sun and some fair weather puffy clouds; cooler and comfortable.  High:  75.