Neighbor shot over basement flood

ANSONIA, Conn. (WTNH)– A nasty argument between neighbors ended in gunfire. An Ansonia man is in custody, accused of shooting his neighbor over a property dispute.

“It was a nightmare. They had at least six EMS cars and probably seven police cars. The whole side street was filled with emergency vehicles,” said Albert Stasko, Ansonia resident.

Around 9 o’clock Sunday morning Ansonia police arrived at the home on Woodbridge Avenue after a 39-year-old man was shot three times in the lower body.

“The victim was outside, I don’t know if he was sitting or standing. The suspect went up the street, a couple houses down and started shooting at him,” said Lt. Andrew Cota, Ansonia Police Department.

Police say the victim managed to run into his house but 73-year old Steven Sentementes ran after him firing multiple rounds.

“The gentlemen ran in after him, chased him, shot him around the house and ended up on the ground inside of the basement,” said Cota.

The victim tackled and held down Sentementes until police arrived. Officers put Sentementes in handcuffs and arrested him for assault, burglary, unlawful discharge among other charges.

The gun violence police say stemmed from a property issue.

Ansonia shooting neighbor

“The gentleman that actually did the shooting was the one that was complaining about water running down the hill,” said Cota.

Neighbors say there was an ongoing feud between the two men over water drainage. And that Sentementes was at his boiling point when water ended up in his basement.

“He’s been so depressed over it, he just flipped out,” said Stasko.

The 39-year-old victim is recovering in the hospital. The suspect’s bond has been set at half a million dollars and he’s expected to make his first court appearance later Monday.

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