Voice of the People: April 21, 2014

WTNH– And we showed you the video before of Senator Blumenthal almost getting hit by that train. Well it’s something a lot of you have been calling in about. Here’s tonight’s voice of the people.

“You never turn your back to the train, you face towards it..coming in…all right? The yellow line is there for a purpose, it’s for safety, YOU STAY AWAY from the yellow line, senators did not do that,” said Anonymous, Danbury.

“He shouldn’t have  been on the yellow line with his back turn, that’s what I feel,” said Anonymous, Hartford.

“This is about Senator Blumenthal and his press conference in Milford. He wasn’t looking what he was doing, almost got hit by the train, standing on the yellow line. went by….stay behind the yellow line,” said Dick, Shelton.

“Why don’t they make it so when the express comes through, it has to slow down when it gets by those platforms..child had run out there to hear the train coming,” said Richard, Danbury.

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