In the Kitchen: Kale Salad

WTNH– Mike Webster from the Sustainable Farm School talks about sustainable foods and shows us how to make kale salad.

The Sustainable Farm School is an independent day school for children ages 3 to 18 that offers core academics, holistic personal development, and a model for sustainable living.

Kale Salad Recipe:

Ingredient    Amount
Kale    1 Bunch
Current Vinaigrette    As needed
S+P    TT

Ingredient    Amount
CT Current Juice    16 oz
Dijon Mustard     1 TB
XVO    24 oz
S+P    TT
Dressing prep:
Reduce Current juice by ½ – Cool.
Add mustard
Incorporate XVO – Season.
1.    Wash and clean (de-stem) kale – spin dry
2.    Chiffonade* (1/8” shred) Kale into fine shreds.
3.    Add any additional ingredients.
4.    Toss with vinaigrette – Season with S+P
5.    Mix thoroughly  – allow to stand 5 minutes prior to serving.

*Chiffonade is a cooking technique in which herbs or leafy green are cut into long, thin strips. This is accomplished by stacking leaves, rolling them tightly, then cutting across the rolled leaves with a sharp knife, producing fine ribbons. “Chiffon” is French for “little rag” referring to the fabric-like strips that result from this technique. To Chiffonade simply means to turn into rag-like strips.

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