Superheroes surprise kids at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH)–It’s a bird…

It’s a plane…

Yes…it really was Superman, and Spiderman, and Captain America dangling on the outside of the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

Inside, kids and their parents were thrilled to see their favorite superheroes, breaking the stress of a day of complex medical treatments.

“There was lots of stimulation, lots of smiles, lots of happiness,” said Kevin Shields.

Not only did the superheroes dangle on the outside of the building, some came inside too.

“All of these children here in the hospital are our superheroes so to have them have the opportunity to have the superheroes come to them, it means a lot to the children and to us, their parents,” said Jessica Soucyi.

The superheros are actually building window washers from ‘Tri State Building Facade Services’ in Stamford.

Their boss, who doubles as Batman, says the workers have a ball performing for the kids.

“They love it, it’s better than a real day’s work,” said James Grady. “Nothing is as valuable as seeing the smile on kids faces.”

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