Connecticut sees uptick in measles cases

FARMINGTON, Conn. (WTNH) — Dr. Paul Skolnik, an infectious disease specialist at the UConn Health Center, says two shots against the measles is all it takes for full protection from what can be a deadly disease.

It seems a lot of people aren’t getting that message.

Across the country, an outbreak of measles is now more frequent than ever. Vaccination rates are down and the number of sick people is up.

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Symptoms include cough, red eye, runny nose, high fever and a rash that starts on the face and spreads.

“If you were exposed and you’re susceptible, you need to be worried about getting the measles,” Skolnik said. “Seventy-five percent of people who are not immune will get the measles.”

While most children are vaccinated in the state, not everyone complies.

“Connecticut rates are high but there’s also a cadre of people in Connecticut who haven’t had their kids vaccinated and they put others at risk as well, not just in this state but elsewhere,” Skolnik said.

And the complications can be deadly.

“In case of complications, it can mostly affect the brain, so you can get encephalitis and that can lead to death,” said Skolnik.

The doctor said someone with measles is contagious four days before the rash appears, and up to five days after If adults are not sure of their immune status, a simple blood test can determine that.

Jocelyn Maminta reporting

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