“Secret menu” a growing trend at restaurants across the country

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who needs a caffeine fix in the morning, you might be surprised to learn there are other options at your favorite coffee spot.

You may be used to ordering your standard cup of coffee or latte at Starbucks, but what about a Captain Crunch Frappucino? Or a Fruit Roll Up Refresher? These are just a couple of the “secret” items at some Starbucks locations.

Those drinks are listed on what are called secret menus, and the concept is becoming a growing trend across the nation at many restaurants.

Those restaurants let customers create their own recipes, and then spread the word online, with the phrase #SecretMenu.

But, those same restaurants are actually denying all knowledge of having them.

The trend doesn’t apply only to Starbucks. Restaurants like Chipotle, McDonald’s and Burger King are all reported to have secret menus.

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