How you could talk your way out of a speeding ticket

Chances are, if you’re in a hurry to get somewhere, you most likely have the pedal to the metal. Or you could just be an abnormally fast driver. Either way, you’re a prime target for getting pulled over.

But according to an article on, you might be able to get out of it.

Here are some things you could do to plead your case:

Cry: Experts say it’s the oldest trick in the book and works really well for women.  The officer will either feel too bad to give you a ticket or just won’t want to deal with your emotions.

Say you’re from out of town: “I’m not from around here” is a common excuse.  You could also try the phrase “I had no idea how fast I was going.”

But, honesty could also be the best policy. You might get lucky if an officer is feeling generous.

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