Teen kicked out of prom because of alleged “impure thoughts”

Chesterfield, Va. (WTNH) – A 17-year-old girl said she was told to leave her prom because some chaperones claimed her dress didn’t adhere to the dress code requirement.

Those chaperones, especially some of the fathers in attendance, were worried she was inspiring “impure thoughts” among the boys at the dance.

Clare Ettinger said her dress was fingertip length, and she took a photo of it and posted it online to prove her point. She said she thinks the dress looked shorter than it was because she’s 5’9″ and has long legs.

Ettinger wrote a blog about it, saying “I was told the way I dressed and moved my body was causing men to think inappropriately about me, implying that it is my responsibility to control other people’s thoughts and drives.”

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