Anchor scolds complaining viewers on live television

News can be a rough business, especially when it comes to making everyone happy.

But, an anchor in South Dakota was fed up with people complaining about the station’s tornado coverage. Many people called in to say the coverage was cutting into their favorite TV show, and they wanted it to stop.

Nancy Naeve and Shawn Cable were in the middle of the show when Naeve interrupted to say how she felt about the situation.

“I tell you what! Quit calling and ripping Shawn for being on the air to save people’s lives,” Naeve said. “No show is as important as someone’s life. You weren’t going to go on the air if it’s not important.”

Cable said the station received nasty emails, calls, and social media messages after breaking into the “Once Upon A Time” season finale. He later posted a comment on his Facebook page about it, saying “I’d like to take a moment to say, ‘My co-anchor rocks!!'”

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