More single women choosing to become mothers

TRUMBULL, Conn. (WTNH)– Single women choosing to be moms are becoming more common than you think. The Pew Research Center says more women who never married are having babies.  Especially among women 40 to 44 years old.

The concept of a single woman choosing to be a mother is more acceptable these days. And for women like Liz Perez, motherhood trumps all else.

“You want to meet your Prince Charming, you want to meet your ideal man, your mate,” said Perez.

But at 42 her biological clock was ticking.

“I wanted to be a Mom. I grew up wanting to be a Mom,” said Perez. “I sat my parents down and I said, I want to be a Mom and they went Okay.”

Now she has someone to love and protect.

“Here’s my Khloe.  This is what 1 1/2 year of going through a roller coaster ride, this is what I got,” said Perez.

That ride started with a visit to Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut where its “Single Moms to Be” program is geared for women like Liz.

“We can help them get pregnant. We want them nutritionally ready, emotionally ready,” said Dr. Spencer Richlin, Reproductive Medicine Associates of CT.

Counseling is an integral part of the support provided to their single mothers.

“Would you ever tell your child that we used donor sperm to help you become pregnant. These are all the things we talk to our single moms, to be up front so we can get them thinking about these issues,” said Richlin.

Invitro-fertilization, IVF, was how Liz got pregnant.

“We put egg and sperm together in her situation, donor sperm, created embryos and put it back in her uterus on day five,” said Richlin.

“Its difficult but I wouldn’t trade it and If I was younger, I would it all over again,” said Perez.

Dr. Richlin recommends women to come in earlier than later.

“The earlier they come, even just to talk or get information, the better off they are because we want to get them when they are younger, when their eggs are potentially younger and healthier,” said Richlin.

It was the right choice for Liz.

“This is what made me complete, I’m a mother. I can finally say I’m a mother and I love it, every single minute of it,” said Perez.

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