Lawsuit filed over ride-sharing sites

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Many cab drivers throughout Connecticut are not happy about an internet-based ride sharing service that’s come to town. That’s why 15 taxi and livery service companies have filed a lawsuit.

More than a dozen taxi and livery services in Connecticut are coming together to put a stop to a ride-sharing service called  “Uber” and “Lyft“.

It basically operates through a smartphone app. Customers can request a ride from a person associated with the company who uses his or her own car. You can even see who your driver will be ahead of time.

It’s a concept some people find unsettling.

“I think technology is getting really crazy because that’s really scary,” said Infinity Jean, New Haven.

“It’s more of a comfort thing with the older taxis,” said Shareen Corbett, New Haven.    lyft app

Existing taxi services in the state are upset, which is why a lawsuit has been filed. They say “Uber” and  “Lyft” do not adhere to the same state and federal laws that they do.

They also say that it’s doing two things, putting people’s safety at risk and violating a fair, competitive playing field among traditional taxis.

“Honestly I do think it’s a little competition but I think the app is better. It’s more reliable. It’s instant,” said Sean Williams, New Haven.

“The app is cool because you can look up your driver and see where he’s at,” said Arijan Ager, Hamden.

The attorney representing the taxi and livery services in the lawsuit tell News 8 there’s no oversight on driver qualifications or training. She says you don’t know who you’re getting in the car with.

On the flip side of all of this “Lyft” says each of its driver undergo an extensive background check, all of its vehicles are inspected and says that the company is insured.

Those involved with the lawsuit against “Uber” and “Lyft” are now working with state regulatory officials to stop this ride sharing service.

In a statement to News 8, Uber said:

“This baseless lawsuit is just another example of taxi company owners trying to protect themselves from perceived competition, consumer choice and actually improving their customer service. Uber will vigorously defend the rights of drivers and riders to connect to safe, affordable and reliable transportation alternatives.”

Read the lawsuit below.

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