Rocky Hill veterans home residents protest over leadership

ROCKY HILL, Conn. (WTNH)–In the Memorial Day heat, veterans who call the states’ Rocky Hill facility home were outside letting off steam.

“This right here is a big jump for us being on the inside, to be on the outside of this compound and to voice our opinions and voice about what is going on,” said one resident.

For the first time in a long time, this group of veterans walked the sidewalk in front the facility, protesting issues that they say they can’t get answers to.

Issues like donations not getting to veterans.

“There is money here that is been allocated that has not been used,” the resident said.

“They’ve just gone so far that we’re not willing to take it anymore,” said Ron Coveny, who lives in the Rocky Hill veterans home and organized the protest.

Coveny is a resident, and until a few weeks ago, was an employee. He raised concerns about medical waste not being handled properly, and for that he says, he was fired.

He has filed a complaint with the V-A to get his job back. He points to that as just the latest example of what he describes as a culture of isolation created by Commissioner Linda Schwartz.

“It’s like what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. She thinks she can do what she wants here,” Coveny said.

The group was more than just this group here. Even more veterans lined the fence by the facility. Organizers say they were in wheelchairs and staff were stopping them from going to this part of the facility.

“This is America. We have a right to voice our opinions and they’re telling us no we don’t.”

This Saturday, Coveny brought his concerns directly to Governor Malloy, when he was at the facility for a Memorial Day picnic.

Coveny asked the Governor for a change of leadership at the V-A.

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