Donations low for CT Food Bank

EAST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– This is an especially tough time for the the Connecticut Food Bank. This time of year donations are low. And with schools about to let out for the summer, more children are being put ‘at risk’.

Tuesday the Ocean State Job Lot delivered food to seven food banks and pantries in New England and New York and the Connecticut Food Bank was one of them.

“This is part of their three squared meals program where people donate at the register over the holidays. Ocean State Job Lot will match those dollars and purchase food for us,” said Mary Ingarra, Connecticut Food Bank.

Palate by palate, employees unloaded 30,000 pounds of pasta, soup and mashed potatoes from General Mills, that equals 25,000 meals. The food donation is part of a yearlong total of 4.2 million worth of shelf-stable food, purchased by Job Lot and its customers.  3 square meals

This food will be distributed to six counties in Connecticut. It’s going to local food bank and pantries.

It’s a critical time of year for the Food Bank because food donations are at their lowest. Donations to the pantry peak during the holiday season, but as we go into summer,  the giving slows down.

“We are heading into those months where low income families have to find ways to feed their children when they don’t have access to the free and reduced priced meals, breakfast and lunch,” said Ingarra.

Every donation makes a big difference and provides nutritious food to people in need.

“For every dollar that’s donated we can feed a person for a day so any amount is going to make a big impact,” said Ingarra.

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