Thieves taking aim at cars’ catalytic converters

OLD LYME, Conn. (WTNH)–Billy Joe Prevost has seen a few cars come into All Pro Automotive in Old Lyme over the years after the catalytic converter has been cut out of the exhaust system.

“It’s very easy to get them off unfortunately,” Prevost said.

“The Jeeps are easy because you can reach right under and cut them right here and because of the high ground clearance it’s easy for them to cut them off.”

News 8 learned about those thefts from cars in commuter lots along I-95 while reporting on stolen catalytic converters from vans owned by Sarah Inc. in Guilford, disablling the rides provided to people with developmental disabilities. Those were unbolted, while others have been cut off of Jeeps like Megan Banner’s Cherokee.

” It makes me a little nervous,” Banner said. “I wouldn’t want to leave it here for a long time.”

“I don’t think you would have that in mind when you’re going off to work first thing in the morning so it’s very unfortunate that people have to add that extra worry to their day,” Bristol said.

While the catalytic converters are expensive to replace, they’re not stolen to be be resold but rather to be scrapped.

“Most of them have platinum in them so that’s what makes the value so high,” Prevost said.

State police are warning folks just to be aware if they’re parking in one of these commuter parking lots and if you happen to see someone underneath a car don’t assume it’s their car.

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