‘Daddy, daddy’ cry is for the birds

FAIRFIELD, Conn. (WTNH) — A possible cry for help of “Daddy, Daddy” that worried a Fairfield resident turned out to be a feathered false-alarm.

A woman walking near High Street and Holland Hill School on Thursday reported hearing the word “daddy” yelled over and over again. Her concerns eventually led her to a tree, where 25 feet up she saw a large green parrot.

The bird was reported missing by its owner and was about a mile away from home.

The woman called animal control, who then called the fire department, to help capture the bird. After flushing it out of the tree and some bamboo, the bird was caught in a net and brought to the shelter, police said.

“The bird was talking nonstop saying Daddy, hello, what! and numerous other words,” Lt. James Perez said in a news release. “The owner was then contacted and the bird was reunited with its owner (Daddy).”

By the way, the parrots’s name is ‘Ralphie’.

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