Lawmakers look to stores to reduce gun violence

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Tackling gun violence in America has been an uphill battle in Congress, especially since the tragedy at Sandy Hook. Today some Connecticut lawmakers and advocates will be looking to stores specifically and what they can do.

The politicians holding this press conference say they are calling for common sense reforms to stop gun violence. But we all know it’s not that simple, because folks who enjoy their 2nd Amendment rights believe it’s common sense to have fewer gun restrictions, not more.

Rep. Elizabeth Esty, who represents Newtown, Connecticut Senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy are holding a press conference. It was a year and a half ago tomorrow that a gunman killed 26 kids and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School. One count says we’ve seen 74 school shootings since then.

These officials are calling for those common sense measures in the wake — not of the Sandy Hook shootings — but of the dozens of shootings since then. In the statement about today’s press conference, the officials say in the past 18 months there have been 79 shootings and 19 fatalities just at Walmart stores. Now that’s a store that sells guns in many states.

What Blumenthal, Murphy and Esty want is for the National Retail Federation to voluntarily change things in stores to try to reduce gun violence.

They are also going to call for bipartisan reforms to gun laws. That press conference is scheduled for 11:30 this morning in Hartford.

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