Sen. Blumenthal calling for improvements to veterans’ access to medical care

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH)–Senator Richard Blumenthal is calling on Washington to improve veterans’ access to medical care with a new bill, and quickly.

Blumenthal was a lead sponsor on the bill that passed the U.S. Senate last week, and now it is headed to the house.

It came in response to the growing controversy over delays in medical care at V-A facilities around the country.

“This measure enables our heroes to seek healthcare outside of the VA, where the distance are too far, or the waits are too long and it also enables more hiring of doctors and the creation of new medical facilities. One in the state of Connecticut in West Haven,” Blumenthal said.

The bill contains about $5 million for the ‘Errera Community Care Center’ in West Haven.

The bill would also give the V-A more latitude in firing personnel.

Blumenthal’s fear is that House Republicans will seek spending offsets elsewhere and stall this bill.

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