Reclaim the streets for peace




HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — A Hartford community takes to the streets to curb violence in the city after another violent night

One day after two people were stabbed, people are gathering along Albany Ave. to make it clear that they’re simply fed up with the amount of violence that’s exploded in the city of Hartford. This weekend some are launching what they call a “revival” to reclaim the streets for peace.

The organization behind today’s efforts is “Saving our Kids from the Streets,” a group made up of concerned citizens and local clergy. What they’re doing is making a public showing of support that they want areas like Hartford’s North End to be a place people aren’t afraid to visit and spend time.

One way they’re getting their message out is with a large quilt they’ve put up near their demonstration. It’s visible to anyone who either drives or stops by, and on it are the faces of some who’ve lost their lives to violence in the City.

“If this quilt right here was big enough to hold all the people that have died around in this area it cover this whole fence,” said Joe Ellison of Saving our Kids from the Streets.

Organizers of the revival say there is also a political message to their rally; to let City Hall know they want more police presence in their community. The revival will kick off again tomorrow at 11 a.m.

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