Foxwoods Good News Winner

WTNH– Manager, Public Relations Dale Wolbrink from Foxwoods talks about News 8’s Good News partnership and the Good News winner from April, Russel Salvador, discusses his charity event, along with students Chancellor Walworth and Noelle Christie.

Russ Salvador is a 4th grade teacher at Griswold Elementary School. In the past years he has organized and put together ConnTrek.

ConnTrek all started in 1987 when Russ Salvador assigned his class the book A Walk Across America by Peter Jenkins. The kids, very excited about this true story of a man who walked across the entire nation, wanted to walk across America too but it was not a possibility. Instead, they had the idea of trekking across Connecticut.

News 8’s Good News sponsorship is a year long commitment to both highlighting stories of Good News in Connecticut and honoring local members of the community for their good deeds and service.  The winners have been nominated via a contest here at News 8 and Foxwoods provides prized to our winners.

You can watch, “Good News, Sponsored by Foxwoods” every Wednesday.

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