Lieberman: US needs to reassess Afghanistan plans

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH)– While he is retired from the U.S. Senate, Joe Lieberman is still speaking out about U.S. foreign policy.

He’s issuing a warning that the U.S. should not repeat the mistakes made in Iraq.

The former Senator says that because of what’s happening in Iraq, there is an urgent need for the U.S. to reassess its plans for Afghanistan.

In a series of op-ed columns he is warning President Obama not to repeat the mistakes of Iraq in Afghanistan.

Lieberman says the vacuum left by the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq at the end of 2011 is one of the big reasons that an Al-Qaeda inspired group is gaining so much control over that country.

He also says that the President’s stated goal of withdrawing all U.S. troops out of Afghanistan by the end of 2016 could cause a repeat insurgency in that country.

“That’s just inviting the Taliban and the other extremists in Afghanistan to wait us out and to strike just as this group called ‘ISIS’ has in Iraq,” he said at at State Capitol news conference in Hartford Tuesday.

And Lieberman says that would leave another mess for the next President,

“If the last American troop leaves Afghanistan at the end of 2016; it’s going to immediately confront whoever is elected president and takes office in January of 2017 with a crisis on the ground.”

Lieberman says that in addition to leaving some kind of U.S. force in Afghanistan, the U.S. should push the Afgan leadership to learn from the mistakes in Bahgdad and be sure their government is inclusive of all sides in their country.

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