Community rallying around Madison woman with ALS

MADISON, Conn. (WTNH)–The Madison community has rallied behind a couple facing a life-changing medical problem. 30-year old Amanda Bernier was diagnosed with the most aggressive form of ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease. To make matters worse, she is 15 weeks pregnant.

“The instances of an individual being pregnant with ALS are very rare,” said a Madison citizen helping with the cause. “There are less than 20 documented cases.”

Lou Gehrig’s is a progressive neurodegenerative disease. It robs a person of the ability to use their muscles. Amanda had already begun to lose the ability to use her arms and legs. She may eventually lose the power to talk, swallow, and breathe.

The Madison community has helped raise money for the family by starting a page called “Amanda’s Angels.”

“We’re working on their house now. We’ve built a handicap ramp. The important thing is to be able to keep Amanda in the house as long as possible,” said one of the firefighters helping with the project.

Amanda was a volunteer firefighter.

UPDATE: So far, $85,000 has been raised.

To donate to the cause, please click here.

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