Crews scramble to reopen park’s bathrooms for holiday

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– Construction crews are scrambling to get pipes installed and the bathrooms reopened at Lighthouse Point Park just in time for a busy Fourth of July weekend.

With the few port-a-potties they are using to supplement the lack of working bathrooms, there could be a nasty situation as hundreds of people need to use the restroom this holiday weekend.

Park officials say they had to close down the bathrooms on one side of the beach once they discovered pipes were clogged. They were concerned about what may be seeping into the water.

“You wouldn’t be getting the drainage out of the pipe system so that you would have water build up in areas,” said Gary Dickson, Assistant Superintendent of New Haven Parks.

plumbing park

While a crew of five works to fix the problems, port-a-potties will have to do for anyone needing the bathroom putting a damper on sunny beach days.

“I had to change in one of the port-a-potties the other day and it was difficult and just not anything anyone wants to do,” said Katie Hozian of Branford.

“It’s disgusting, some kids leave there shoes here and they have to go in there and their feet get all dirty and there is pee all over the floor, it’s disgusting,” said Zachary Foster.

The city of New Haven plans to have the bathrooms reopened as by Thursday, but they are feeling the pressure with the Fourth of July only two days away.

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