Mulch pile catches fire in West Hartford

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH)–A mulch pile caught fire in West Hartford, scorching a pair of trees, a bush and a car near the Office Depot next to the West Farms mall on Tuesday.

It was the second fire of the day and one of six this week in West Hartford.

“It’s crazy, I wouldn’t expect there to be a random fire here,” said an Office Depot worker. “It was interesting to see. Police came, fire trucks came.”

Firefighters say that once misplaced cigarette, and mulch piles can go up in flames.

The sun and the heat can also light large mulch piles on fire.

West Hartford fire chief John Decker said that while mulch fires are not as common at home, there are some things homeowners should do to play it safe.

“Spread it as fast as you can, and get it spread around the house,” Decker said. “Don’t let it sit there for a long period of time.”

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