News Executive Producer

wtnh control room

(WTNH) — WTNH News 8, the ABC affiliate in the Hartford/New Haven, CT market, has an immediate opening for Executive Producer.

So what are we looking for?

A leader. Someone who can guide the coverage on their shift. Make the important calls as to crews, resources and what gets on the air.

An innovator. We need someone has great ideas and who’ll adopt the mantra that today’s shows are going to be different than any shows we’ve aired before.

A motivator. Can you get the people working with you excited about today’s challenge?

A Watchdog for the Brand. We have a very successful brand, and it’s not one of the brands you’ve seen bouncing around on-air for tens of years on tens of stations. We’re the Voice of the People. That means our stories have to have some viewer benefit and they have to be told through the eyes and voices of real people. We also say “We’ve Got Your Back” a lot: we want to do stories that stand up for the regular guy, ask tough questions and hold people accountable.

As EP, you have to be the final filter to make sure our stories fit our focus and answer the questions our viewers need to have answered. Sometimes it means saying “no” to a story all the other stations are doing. A lot of times it means helping guide what content goes on-air, what goes online and what goes into the dumpster.

So how do you want to spend your work days these days? Is it this kind of leadership aimed at our kind of story telling? Is it doing your job in a fantastic part of the country, miles from the Long Island Sound and located in easy driving/train riding distance from New York, Boston, Cape Cod, Philadelphia and the Jersey Shore? WTNH has a large newsroom with four satellite newsrooms, multiple sat trucks, live vans and TVUs. Do you want to work for a newsroom that is growing?

Minimum of four years experience as a television program producer or executive producer. Demonstrate strong abilities as a writer, editor, problem-solver, teacher and leader.

College degree in journalism/mass communications or equivalent professional experience is required.

Apply online at and search for ‘Executive Producer’