Bottle rocket accident sends Plainfield man to hospital

PLAINFEILD, Conn. (WTNH)–No one answered the door at the Pickett Road home where Plainfield police say a 34 year old Sterling man was seriously injured by a bottle rocket.

Police said Damon Luberto and another man placed a grouping of bottle rockets in the holder and lit them. They then ran to the tree line and turned around. That’s when police said the bottle rockets malfunctioned and exploded, sending a piece of shrapnel into Luberto’s chest.

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“Those are dangerous. I wouldn’t recommend them at all,” said Phillip Bolduc, a local resident who was buying legal fireworks for his family.

Police said the accident should serve as a warning to others.

Backus Hospital said Luberto is now in good condition.

“I had one family that I went to several years ago and they had little bottle rockets. They fired off and it hit the eave of his house and it almost caught it on fire almost,” Bolduc said.

Police said the accident is a reminder why bottle rockets are illegal here in the state and so dangerous.

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