Flyers threatening “gang stalking” scaring people in Guilford

GUILFORD, Conn. (WTNH)–People in Guilford have been frightened by a flyer left in their mailboxes, warning them that they’re being watched.

The flyer talks about gang stalking, which is the belief that the government is over reaching and spying on its people. The flyer claims the police department and a local realtor are in on it.

“We just wanted to put out a press release to let everybody know that the Guilford Police Department does not endorsing or backing any of these claims in this letter,” said Detective Martina Jakober.

Police said that at first, it was just a couple of flyers stuck in mailboxes. But over the weeks, police said it’s become more and more.

This week, there were hundreds stuffed in mailboxes up and down Long Hill Road and other streets in the area.

Police said they need to find out who ever is putting the flyers in the mailboxes, talk to him, and maybe make an arrest.

“It’s becoming a problem, it’s overwhelming our dispatchers with calls. People are coming in worried that this is an actual event going on in Guilford where there is this massive gang stalking situation, which we have never had a complaint about,” said Jakober.

Police say they are not sure if this is politically motivated.

It is a federal offense to place flyers inside a mailbox.

Police believe the suspect is a man driving an older model tan Honda Accord type vehicle.

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