Camera found hidden in campground bathhouse

MADISON, Conn. (WTNH)– At the camp grounds at Hammonasset State Park it seems everyone is talking about a new sign.

“The Econn men were up here and we were wondering what was going on”, said Marie McDermott.

It warns campers to be on the look out for cameras in intimate areas, because on Saturday  one was found inside the unisex handicap room at this bath house that looked like nothing more than a hook to hang a towel or clothes on.

surveillance poster

“I worry there’s a pedophile on the camp ground, because it takes a sick person to do something like that disgusting terrible,” Deborah Hansen said.

If you’ve ever been to Hammonasset State Park, you know that using the bath house is an unavoidable part of the experience, especially if you’ve had to stay here for a long time. That’s what many campers tell News 8 they find most disturbing about this story.

“I’ll be aware of it and I’m going to be checking it out myself probably,” said Mike Morrell.

The camera was removed by police and all bathhouses throughout the park were searched for similar devices.

Statement from Dennis Schain, spokesman for DEEP:

This is a very unusual incident and we have not been faced with this type of issue in the past. We are taking this potential invasion of the privacy of our park visitors very seriously. Our staff and police officers responded immediately to the complaint yesterday – and quickly found and removed the camera.  Our Environmental Conservation Police are also conducting a through investigation to determine who could have placed the camera there.

No arrest has been made. The incident remains under investigation.

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