Another warning about ‘grandparent scam’

Phone scam, phone fraud, phone virus

South Windsor, Conn. (WTNH) – Police are warning people about a scam that’s targeting grandparents.  This scam has been going on nationally for year, but it’s now being seen in South Windsor.

What happens is, a scammer calls someone, usually an elderly person, posing as a police officer.  The caller then says they are a police officer, and a family member of theirs is in jail.  The person is told they must get money cards in order to post bail.  We’re told one person received such a call just this Wednesday. That person then went to a local store to buy the money cards, when fortunately, a clerk overheard what happened, and told the person they were being scammed.

If you get such a call, call police.  Do not buy money cards for someone over the phone.  And police will never ask for bail money over the phone.

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