Cats appear to be abandoned in Waterbury home

WATERBURY, Conn. (WTNH)–News 8 recently received an email from a viewer concerned over the condition of animals that live inside home on Tremont Street in Waterbury.

The letter stated:

“Family moved to Florida at beginning of July. Recently learned as of yesterday they left cats and kittens in the house. Called animal control last night and today with no response. Smell of cat urine as you get close to house. Can see kitten in window.”

News 8 investigated to see what was really going on, and in terms of the sights and smells, things appear to be worse than what was described in the letter.

There is a hodgepoge of decaying piles of trash all over the property, including what looks to be an old chemical toilet in the driveway. There were also a number of cats peeking out from the windows.

“I can’t believe people would do that,” one neighbor said.

It isn’t yet known if the home was indeed abandoned. But several neighbors that live in the area have said they haven’t seen the people who live in the house for at least a week..

News 8 reached out to Waterbury Animal Control to get their thoughts on whether this was in fact an apparent case of animal cruelty. An official with the police department said that there were plans in motion on Friday to take the cats. They said the owners may face cruelty to animal charges.

“I would say someone should go and find out if there the owners and if they’re taking care of them, if they’re not, and something should be done,” a neighbor said.

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