Pruning Your Garden

(WTNH) — Summer sun means summer flowers. Whether you live in an apartment or a home, flowers can really make your environment more enjoyable. But with so many different kinds of plants out there how do you know what to buy and how to maintain them? Bill Harris, owner of Acer Gardens in Deep River.

Some of Bill’s tips:

Summer pruning of annuals, perennials and shrubs promote healthier plant growth and flowering. Sometimes plants get too long and you have to prune so that it encourages growth. Hide your cuts and layer them to make it look nice.

Great plant for summers are ones that you don’t have to clean a lot in you home. Pegonias are good to stay with you through the winter.

Have a fern that died? Bill suggests tossing that plant and starting over.

The tools you need:

  • hand clippers
  • scissors
  • loppers
  • hand saw
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