Multiple DUI arrests in Glastonbury

handcuffs & gavel

GLASTONBURY, Conn. (WTNH)– Police make three separate DUI-related arrests.

The past few days have been busy for Glastonbury police, after they make three DUI-related arrests.

The first happened on July 18th when Sean Hickey was pulled over for not having his lights on. Hickey had been driving home from Cincinnati and admitted to drinking along the way.

The second incident happened on July 19th. Joanne Stevens was arrested after a report of a sleeping woman in a car on someone’s front lawn in Glastonbury. An investigation showed that she had been driving under the influence before ending up in somebody’s front yard.

The third arrest happened at Gardiner’s Market after police responded to a man being asleep behind some dumpsters. Police say they found him with a partially empty bottle of vodka.

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