Summer Beauty Tip: Keeping Your Skin Moisturized

WTNH– With the sun shining bright all day, our skin can dry out during the summer. Here are a few ways to keep it moisturized.

First, exfoliate. Removing dead skin cells will not only improve your complexion, it will also help creams absorb better. An inexpensive and easy way to exfoliate? Use a loofah while washing up in the shower.

Before you moisturize, apply a good hyaluronic acid gel, which will help your skin take in 1,000 times more water. The best time to apply moisturizer is 10 to 15 minutes after getting out of the shower or washing your face … Open pores will help it penetrate more easily.

And with more time spent under the sun in the summer, choose a moisturizer that contains broad spectrum SPF of at least 30.

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