Malloy, Chris Christie spar in Greenwich

GREENWICH, Conn. (WTNH) — Gov. Dannel Malloy is strongly rebutting New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s assertions that Connecticut has been on a decline over the past four years.

The New Jersey Republican campaigned with Tom Foley and raised money for the state Republican Party in Greenwich last night.

“People of this state have gotten to see Gov. Malloy’s policies up close now for four years, it was only a theory four years ago, now they’ve gotten to live underneath the highest tax increase in Connecticut’s history and just the way that jobs have been driven out of this state,” said the New Jersey Republican.

Malloy disputes that last assertion and says Connecticut is much better off than New Jersey under Christie. “We’re funding our obligations. They’re defunding their obligations, they’ve been downgraded six times, that’s not happening in Connecticut. We are properly investing in the future,”  Malloy said.

And Malloy criticized Foley for bringing Christie into Connecticut after the New Jersey governor vetoed a bill to restrict the capacity of gun magazines as Connecticut did following the Sandy Hook, Newtown, shootings. “Governor Christie refused to meet with the parents of children who were killed at Sandy Hook School. He should be ashamed of himself, Tom Foley should be ashamed of himself, that’s the story here,” said the Connecticut governor.

Christie said, “I met with Newtown families a year ago and talked about the full range of gun control issues they were concerned about I didn’t feel it was necessary to meet with them again.” Christie said he plans to campaign against Malloy here in Connecticut several times between now and November.

Asked for his reaction to that by News 8, Malloy replied,  “I think it will get me more coverage because every time he comes you’re going to ask me a question.”

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