PD: Man finds lost wallet, spends $1,000

WATERFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Waterford police are looking to the public to identify a man who may be anything but a good Samaritan.

Police say when the man found a lost wallet he didn’t return it. Instead he allegedly used the credit card he found inside it to buy a thousand dollars worth of gift cards at Walmart. A picture of the man has been posted on the Waterford Police Department Facebook page along with a picture of the gray sedan with a sunroof he was reportedly driving.

Suspect car wanted by Waterford police.
Suspect car wanted by Waterford police.

Shopper Justin Kennedy says “I don’t recognize him. Certainly what he’s done is the wrong thing to do.” He hopes if folks recognize this man they do the right thing before more damage is done.

“I’d hope somebody catches him and figures out what’s going on, especially with all this other stuff with identity fraud and things like that. Who knows if he’s going to be doing something else with it like with his license”, says Kennedy.

When shown the surveillance picture from the Waterford Walmart, Tracy Taylor of Groton tell News8, “he doesn’t look familiar to me. Does he look familiar to you?” Her husband Jason Taylor answers, “doesn’t look familiar but I’ll keep an eye out for him.”

He goes on to say, “being in the Navy for 19 years honesty and integrity is everything to us. I can’t believe someone would do something like this to anybody else.”

His wife Tracy agrees, “I always hope my kids would never do that and I just think it’s just really sad that somebody would think it’s okay to do that to somebody else because they sure wouldn’t want it done to them.”

If you recognize the man or the car you are asked to give Waterford Police a call.

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