Several bicycles stolen from all over Fairfield

FAIRFIELD, Conn. (WTNH) – Bicycle riders of Fairfield, beware of where you park your bike; they are being stolen all over the city.

To illustrate the problem the Fairfield Police Department has released to News 8 surveillance footage that was shot at the Fairfield train station earlier this month. On it one can see a man with nothing more than a pair of clippers stealing a bike from someone who thought they were keeping their pedal powered machine safe by chaining it to a rack. But this incident say authorities is far from isolated.

James Perez is a lieutenant with the Fairfield Police Department. He tells News 8 this year alone there have been 36 bicycles stolen, amounting to more than $23,000 worth of stolen property.That is seven more bikes than last year.

“During the spring you will have those who wander around town looking for opportunities, opportunities to take something that doesn’t belong to them,” Lt. Perez said.

But there are ways those who own bicycles can make them less appealing to someone on the lookout to steal them. At Chapman’s Bicycle in Orange, owner Chris Gillis says buying a device called a “U-Lock” may be the difference between peace of mind or worrying someone may cut your anti-theft tool into pieces.

“They’re solid steal, they have a special security key in them, and they cannot be broken easily,” said Gillis.

It’s recommended when you use a bike lock, you lock the frame of the bike, not the wheel, to a sturdy post. Police say its also a good idea to leave your bicycle in a public space where there are cameras. That way if despite your best efforts your bike is still stolen, they have a better shot at identifying who may have taken it.

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