New warning about E-ZPass fraud

New York EZ-Pass website
New York EZ-Pass website

Wallingford, Conn. (WTNH) – A new warning from the Better Business Bureau, about a scam involving EZPass.

 Scammers are emailing customers, telling them they owe past-due bills for unpaid tolls, and must pay immedidately.  The email provides a link for people to click, which could then unleash a virus into your computer.

  EZPass tells customers they do not email out past due bills, and do not ask for payments via email.

  We first told you about this scam a few weeks ago, but the BBB wants to get the warning out again, because the scammers are still at it.  If you get an email from EZPass claiming you owe money, delete it immediately.

(See example in PDF format at


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