Family of injured teen issues plea to hit-and-run driver


NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Sixteen-year-old Troy’nasja Shaw remains hospitalized just days after undergoing surgery on both of her knees, the result of being hit by a car recently. Its driver did not stop.

Donna Washington, her aunt, said, “We want justice for Troy’neshia. We want the person who did this to come forward.”

The crash also left the teen with a sprained neck and pelvis injuries. Mae Washington, her grandmother, said, “Well, she’s a little depressed, but I told her she’ll get over it. It’s something that happened, she’s just got to keep pressing.”

The hit-and-run that left the teenager seriously injured happened at the intersection of Howard Avenue and Rossette Street in New Haven on July 14. Troy’nasja was walking with her cousin when everything changed in the blink of an eye.

Corshay Jenkins, her cousin, said, “We were walking to my aunt’s house to use the bathroom when a white Lexus came speeding down the street and hit her. It just kept driving, It didn’t even stop.” That driver hasn’t been seen since, and Corshay says it all happened so fast and at night that she isn’t even sure if it was a man or a woman was behind the wheel or how many people were in the car.

Family members say a New Haven police officer arrived on the scene almost immediately, comforting Troy’nasja until an ambulance arrived.

Mae Washington, her grandmother, said, “I think he did the right thing. She felt that he did the right thing. She said he was saving her life by not chasing the car and staying with her.”

Now as the young victim continues on the long road to recovery, a family appeals to the driver who caused all this to step forward.

Donna Washington, her aunt, said police are working hard on the case. “I believe they’re doing all they can to find the person responsible, I’m satisfied,” she said.

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