Hartford Carousel celebrates a century

HARTFORD, Conn. (WNTH) – Bushnell Park is the heart of Connecticut’s capital city but to find its beat one must look closely for the veins of activity, which on the weekend is almost always on board 48 wooden horses.

This weekend, the 100th anniversary of the carousel is being celebrated and on Saturday rides on it were free. Those who work at the facility say they enjoy what they do because it helps ensure the landmark is around for many more generations to enjoy.

“I love my job, my kids love that I work here too,” said Yajaira Rivera, who is known by most as the woman who makes sure everyone is safe when on board the carousel. “My son, my oldest, he wants to work here once he hits 18 years old.”

In addition to the horses the ride also has two chariots, a Wurlitzer band organ, and is surrounded by stained glass windows depicting different New England seasons. It was created by Solomon Stein and Harry Goldstein in 1914.

Officials who oversee operations of the venue tell News 8 that the carousel will be shutting down in September for renovations.

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