Smoke leads to evacuation of Metro-North train

Metro-North railroad car. (WTNH)
Metro-North railroad car. (WTNH)

FAIRFIELD, Conn. (WTNH) — Metro-North service at the Fairfield Metro train station is back on track after after someone spotted smoke coming from the top of a train this morning.

A Metro-North spokesman tells News 8 that around 7:20 a.m. smoke was seen coming from one of the pantographs, the device that connects with the catenary wires overhead to power the train. The train was stopped and passengers were evacuated.

The train was headed towards New York’s Grand Central Terminal. Train passenger Mattio Valentino said in a Twitter post there’s “Nothing to see except fire equipment and a crowded platform.”

Less than an hour later, the passengers were put on another train, and the train that had the problem had been moved away. An MTA official on scene couldn’t say what happened to the smokey train.

This is the second incident to affect commuters at the Fairfield metro stop in the past six weeks. In June, a discarded school project that was found on a bridge over the tracks. Initially considered suspicious, the police activity halted train traffic in both directions for several hours.

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