Road rage a with baseball bat

handcuffs & gavel

NORTH HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– A road rage incident takes a violent turn, when a bat is brought out during an altercation.

According to police, on July 28th, 25-year-old Luis Alberto Rodriguez pulled his vehicle next to another car, and began yelling at the driver.

Both vehicles pulled into the parking lot of Advance Auto on Washington Avenue. That’s when Rodriguez got out of the car with a baseball bat.

Witnesses say the victim tried to tell Rodriguez to calm down, but his attempts failed. Rodriguez swung the bat towards the victims head, but he was able to duck out of the way, strike Rodriguez and cause him to fall to the ground.

The victim held Rodriguez there until police arrived, sustaining a bite wound to his hand in the process.

Rodriguez was arrested and charged with Assault and Threatening.

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