Cheshire hoarding house to come down Thursday

CHESHIRE, Conn. (WTNH) — The dilapidated house where Beverly Mitchell lived alone is set to come down.

The 66-year-old woman, an apparent hoarder, died of suffocation under the weight of clutter when the first floor collapsed in mid-June.

Building Official Bert Schiaroli said, “The building code allows me to determine the safety condition of the property. I thought after seeing what I saw, I thought it was structurally unsound, definitely unsanitary.”

Cheshire Town Manager Michael Milone remembers meeting the woman, described as a recluse. “But at no time did she ever extend any desire for help, nor did she indicate to us the condition that she was in or living in, which would have immediately set up a red flag to a number of us. She wanted her privacy, and she kept her privacy, she didn’t want anyone in her house, he said.”

Family members were contacted and agreed to the town tearing the house down.

“The stench is still fairly strong. While neighbors declined to go on camera, they tell me the house has attracted a steady stream of the curious.

Demolition starts tomorrow.

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