Who else taxes their sugary drinks?

Foxon Park sodas.
Foxon Park sodas.

(WTNH) — As another proposal to tax sugary drinks bubbles up again, four states already have such policies.

According to a Connecticut Website entry from 2012, Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia tax soft drinks.

Arkansas taxes “distributors, manufacturers, and wholesale dealers on the first sale.” Tennessee taxes “manufacturers, bottlers, and importers of bottled soft drinks.”

Virginia taxes “wholesalers and distributors of carbonated soft drinks.” And West Virginia taxes “manufacturers, distributors, wholesale dealers, retail dealers, or any other person who is the original consignee of any bottled soft drink or soft drink syrup.”

In general, the Connecticut found that the four states vary in how they levy the tax. “Arkansas and West Virginia base the tax on volume, while Tennessee and Virginia base it on gross receipts,” the report said.

Congresswoman DeLauro joins New Haven Mayor Toni Harp in the latest efforts to tax sugary drinks.

There are also soda tax initiatives in California, while New York’s attempt to ban large sodas fizzled.

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