A large gathering at the ‘Vibes’ concert

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (WTNH) – Tens of thousands of people have descended upon Bridgeport for the “Gathering of the Vibes” music festival.

“You can run around dancing like a maniac,” said Elysa Desa, who was found enjoying the music. “You can hula hoop for all you want to do.” But what does “Gathering of the Vibes” truly mean? News 8 went looking for that answer.

For the business owner it appears to be a chance to make money.

Link: A Gallery of the Vibes

“At this show it’s a big market,” said Bethany Hall, Owner of Woodland Pixie. “We typically do a lot of music festival and vending and other events like this.” For the aspiring artist, it’s an opportunity to launch a career and share their skills with all those who have come out.

But whatever the reason folks come out, it seems they all have a common goal: have a great time. “I think honestly the bet part is you can absolutely 100-percent just be yourself,” said festival-goer Melissa Morrison.

The festival runs through Aug. 3.

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