Report It Recap – Aug. 1, 2014

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — This week, video of a tornado and a controversial photo of a police officer apparently napping highlight the Report!t Recap. Both got people talking and both were sent to News 8 by our viewers.

You also sent us photos of a few truck crashes – including one on I-84 where good Samaritans helped pull the driver out of the cab. And that trucker’s wife sent a note to Report !t to thank those good Samaritans. And we saw neighbors helping neighbors in Hamden, where people went door to door to make sure everyone got out when flames tore through several apartments.

As always, you featured the weather in many of your photos – hail and interesting clouds, colorful rainbows and beautiful summer scenes. And you showed us how you and your family are enjoying this summer. We got pictures this week from the beach, from the carnival and from the Savin Rock Festival in West Haven. And as the dog days of summer approach, your dogs shared with us some of the best ways to spend those hot summer days – on the deck, in a kayak or in the pool.

Email your pictures and videos to or use the WTNH News 8 app on your smartphone.

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