CA city on edge after “lion” caught wandering on video

(WTNH)– A city in California is on edge after a security camera picked up what looks like a lion wandering around freely.

A lion’s gait, a man-eating countenance The security video is spine-tingling.

“It’s got the pointy ears like a lion,” said Rafael Alvarez, Norwalk Resident.

But “that’s no mountain lion,” proclaims the California department of fish and wildlife. So what in the name of earth is it? Some are talking proper lion, an African lion. The mayor’s involved.

“The tail doesn’t seem to match up to the physical traits of a mountain lion so it is still a mystery,” said  Marcel Rodarte, Norwalk Mayor.

The local zoo claims all their big cats are accounted for.

“It doesn’t belong here. What’s it doing here?” said Vivian Romero, Norwalk resident.

It could be anything. Remember that lion scare last year in Virginia. Turns out that was Charles the bizarrely coiffed labradoobdle freaking people out.

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